David Dao
daviddao at broad.mit.edu
PhD candidate at ETH Zurich | UC Berkeley | MIT Broad
I'm a PhD student at ETH Zurich DS3Lab, building privacy-preserving and scalable Blockchain + AI systems for sustainability and medicine. Currently I'm a resident at Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) and Oasis Labs. Before joining ETH Zurich, I was a self-driving car engineer in Silicon Valley and a graduate student at MIT Broad Institute. I'm a Global Shaper at World Economic Forum and the founder of Germany's largest machine intelligence meetup, Harvard University's refugees and education conference and Silicon Valley's selfdriving AI series.

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Trustless Machine Learning
Data Valuation: How much is your data worth? · Joint project with UC Berkeley
DataBright: Using smart contracts to democratize data and machines
Data Systems for Sustainability
Deforestation prediction of the Amazon Rainforest using satellite imagery · Microsoft AI for Earth Grant · Grand Prize UNFCCC Hack4Climate at COP23
Data-driven planning and traffic prediction for self-driving cars · Joint project with Mercedes-Benz Research
Privacy-Preserving Systems for Medicine
Kara: A privacy-preserving tokenized data market for medical data · Joint project with UC Berkeley
Cyto.ai: Interactive machine learning for cell biology · Joint project with Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

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“How Much is My Data Worth?”: Data Valuation with Efficient Shapley Value Estimation
DataBright: Towards a global exchange for decentralized data ownership and trusted computation


A Demonstration of Sterling: A Privacy-Preserving Data Marketplace


An open-source solution for advanced imaging flow cytometry data analysis using machine learning


CellProfiler Analyst: interactive data exploration, analysis and classification of large biological image sets


Anatomy of BioJS, an open source community for the life sciences


Automated Plausibility Analysis of Large Phylogenies

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Almost all of my work is open source

· Spatial Transformer is part of TensorFlow Models (where I'm co-author)
· CellProfiler Analyst is an adaptive machine learning tool for biologists
· BioJS is an interactive visualization ecosystem for life science

You can follow me on Twitter at @dwddao.